Suitable clothing and a good pair of well broken-in boots are important. The clothing should be in dark green or dark beige/brown colours and of a durable, light material. We recommend long sleeved shirts and pants for sun and thorn protection. The sun in Africa is aggressive thus a wide brimmed hat and sunscreen are recommended.

Firearm, Calibre and Optics


We offer rifles to rent but recommend that you bring your own rifle you are familiar with. Riflescopes need not have a higher magnification than 6X. A decent pair of binoculars are very important for yourself and non-hunting observers.




Do not forget to pack your camera with all its chargers and films/Chips. Most international cellphone providers are able to roam in Namibia.


You may also request a detailed checklist by e-mail.


Furthermore there is an option to add a guided tour through Namibia at the commencement of the hunt with our tourism partner Capricorn Tours.


Fishing safaris can be organised on request. Shark fishing along Namibia's pristine coastline, bass fishing or tigerfishing on Namibia's rivers is a must for fishing enthusiasts.