Hunting for Conservation

Wild DogThe African wild dog (Lyacon pictus) is the most endangered large mammal in both Africa and Namibia. Initiatives and conservation efforts are of paramount importance to save this species from the brink of extinction.

The population of African wild dogs is circa 5000 individuals in perhaps 400 packs. In Namibia the population estimate is approximately 500 animals and declining! Wild dogs have very large home ranges in Namibia (>2000km²/pack), making research and conservation both difficult and costly.

These predators, upto 30kg in weight, are the most efficient hunters in Africa. Co-operative hunting strategies reward the dogs with upto 75% success rates. Wild dogs are highly social and live in close family units, much like humans. The pack sizes average 5-20 individuals.

2% of revenue from each hunt booked withZighenzani Africa Safaris will be donated to the Wild Dog Project. In this way, you as a client of Zighenzani Africa Safaris, are directly involved in the conservation of this fascinating and endangered species.

The Namibian Wild Dog Project is a long term interdisciplinary research and conservation initiative conducted in close collaboration with, in support of, and supported by the National Community Based Natural Resource Management programme.This programme seeks to bring sustainable benefits to the rural communities that are the ultimate custodians of wildlife in much of the developing world.


Donations can be made directly to the Wild Dog Project:

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Swift Code: NEDS NANX

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